Alien (1979)
IMDb Rating 8.4
Front Cover Actor Back Cover
Tom Skerritt Dallas
Sigourney Weaver Ellen Ripley
Yaphet Kotto Parker
Veronica Cartwright Lambert
Harry Dean Stanton Brett
John Hurt Kane
Ian Holm Ash
Helen Horton Mother [Voice]
Bolaji Badejo Alien
Eddie Powell Alien (uncredited)
"In space, no one can hear you scream." A close encounter of the third kind becomes a Jaws -style nightmare when an alien invades a spacecraft in Ridley Scott 's sci-fi/horror classic. On the way home from a mission for the Company, the Nostromo's crew is woken up from hibernation by the ship's Mother computer to answer a distress signal from a nearby planet. Capt. Dallas ( Tom Skerritt )'s rescue team discovers a bizarre pod field, but things get even stranger when a face-hugging creature bursts out of a pod and attaches itself to Kane ( John Hurt ). Over the objections of Ripley ( Sigourney Weaver ), science officer Ash ( Ian Holm ) lets Kane back on the ship. The acid-blooded incubus detaches itself from an apparently recovered Kane, but an alien erupts from Kane's stomach and escapes. The alien starts stalking the humans, pitting Dallas and his crew (and cat) against a malevolent killing machine that also has a protector in the nefarious Company. — Lucia Bozzola
Movie Details
Genre Horror; Sci-Fi; Thriller
Director Ridley Scott
Producer Gordon Carroll; David Giler; Walter Hill
Writer Dan O'Bannon; Ronald Shusett
Studio 20th Century Fox
Country UK
Language English
Audience Rating R
Running Time 124 mins
Movie Release Date 5/25/1979
Color Color
Personal Details
Format DVD
Seen It Yes
Index 269
Collection Status In Collection
Purchase Date 1/10/2004
Product Details
Edition Collector's Edition
Region Region
Screen Ratio 1.85:1
Layers Single Side, Dual Layer
UPC (Barcode) 024543098508
Release Date 2004
Subtitles English; Spanish
Packaging Custom Case
Audio Tracks English Dolby Digital 5.1
Spanish Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround
Nr of Disks/Tapes 2
Part of Alien Quadrilogy
Extra Features
Disc 1
Full-Length Audio Commentary by Director Ridley Scott, Writer Dan O'Bannon, Executive Producer Ronald Shusett, Editior Terry Rawlings, Actors Sigourney Weaber, Tom Skerrit, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton and John Hurt (for both versions
1979 Theatrical Version
2003 Director's Cut
Introduction by Ridley Scott

Disc 2
Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes, Including - "Star Beast: Developing the Story," "The Visualists: Direction and Design," "Truckers in Space: Casting." "The Eighth Passenger: Creature Design, Sigourney Weaver Screen Test, "The Chestbuster: Creature Design
Multi-Angle Scene Studies
Still Photo Galleries
Deleted and Extended Scenes, and More!
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