Sanjuro (1963)
IMDb Rating 7.9
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Toshiro Mifune Sanjuro Tsubaki
Yuzo Kayama Ioti Izaka
Tatsuya Nakadai Hanbei Muroto
Keiju Kobayashi Spy
Reiko Dan Chidori, Mutsuta's daughter
Takashi Shimura Kurofuji
Kunie Tanaka Samurai
Masao Shimizu Kukui
Hiroshi Tachikawa Samurai
Yoshio Tsuchiya Samurai
Akihiko Hirata Samurai
Kamatari Fujiwara Takebayashi
Takako Irie Mutsuta's wife
Set in the mid-19th century when the disintegration of a rigid social structure was turning the once wealthy into paupers, or vice-versa, this kinetic drama by acclaimed Akira Kurosawa features the hero Sanjuro ( Toshiro Mifune ), one of many samurai whose once traditional positions were fast disappearing. In this tale of false perceptions and truth, of honor and dishonor, Sanjuro is a character who captures and holds attention from the moment he appears on screen. When he arrives in a small city, he discovers that a band of nine men are anxious to overthrow the corrupt ruling elite. Physically strong and agile, mentally sharp and clear-headed, Sanjuro still has an deep commitment to justice and honor underneath his dirty, abrasive, and cynical exterior. The nine men may doubt his nobility, but that is because they are only looking skin deep. While the sword fighting and action scenes are memorable, it is Toshiro Mifune 's characterization and Kurosawa 's camera eye that enhance the story. — Eleanor Mannikka
Movie Details
Genre Action; Adventure; Drama; Foreign
Director Akira Kurosawa
Writer Ryuzo Kikushima; Akira Kurosawa
Studio Toho
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Audience Rating PG-13
Running Time 96 mins
Movie Release Date 5/7/1963
Color Color
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Format DVD
Seen It Yes
Index 93
Collection Status In Collection
Purchase Date 3/1/2004
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Region Region 1
UPC (Barcode) 037429141526
Release Date 1999
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
Extra Features
Black & White Widescreen Dolby
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