Tony Takitani (2005)
IMDb Rating 7.6
Front Cover Actor Back Cover
Issei Ogata Tony Takitani, Schozaburo Takitani
Rie Miyazawa Konuma Eiko, Hisako
Shinohara Takahumi Young Tony Takitani
Hidetoshi Nishijima Narrator (voice)
Yumi Endo
Hana Kino
Issey Ogata
Wataru Shihodo
Takafumi Shinohara
Sound and visuals are what movies are made of, yet in Tony Takitani, director Jun Ichikawa somehow communicates primarily through feeling. This is a work of profound, aching sadness, made exquisite more by what isn't heard and seen than what is, as Ichikawa brings writer Haruki Murakami's short story to the screen with a sense of restraint, apparent in every aspect of the process (storytelling, acting, music, cinematography), that transforms the usual cinematic experience into something much closer to a prolonged meditation. Issei Ogata plays the title character, son of a jazz musician who gave Tony his strange, Americanized name. Like his father, who is no more fit to be a dad than Tony is to be a son, Tony lives a life of total solitude. But solitude isn't the same as loneliness, as the middle-aged man learns when he meets and marries the much younger Eiko (Rie Miyazawa). At that point, as we're told in voice-over (a wonderfully low key performance by Hidetoshi Nishijima, who actually does more talking than the characters themselves), the newly-content Tony now is beset by feelings of terror and dread as he imagines what life would be like without her. But Eiko is no more connected to the real world than Tony, and her addiction to designer clothes ("they fill up what's missing inside me") eventually leads to tragedy. That happens in a sequence that might be amusing, in a black kind of way, in any other film, but not in this one. As it is, it triggers some rather strange behavior on Tony's part, as well as his return to a state of impenetrable, ineffable melancholy. Tony Takitani is not a warm experience. The dialogue is spare, the scenery severe, the colors muted, and Ichikawa's directing, though masterful, keeps us at arm's length. But there is greatness in this beautifully-rendered, 75-minute movie. --Sam Graham
Movie Details
Genre Drama; Foreign
Director Jun Ichikawa
Producer Motoki Ishida
Writer Jun Ichikawa; Haruki Murakami
Studio Strand Releasing
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Audience Rating PG
Running Time 75 mins
Movie Release Date 1/15/2005
Color Color
Personal Details
Format DVD
Seen It Yes
Index 673
Collection Status In Collection
Purchase Date 2/1/2006
Product Details
Region Region 1
Screen Ratio Widescreen 1.85:1 Color (Anamorphic)
Layers Single Side, Single Layer
UPC (Barcode) 712267250721
Release Date 1/31/2006
Subtitles English
Packaging Keep Case
Audio Tracks JAPANESE: Dolby Digital Stereo
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
Extra Features
Features Not Specified
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