Orinda Oaks Home Ownership History


57 California Ave

65 California Ave

Constructed 1956

History of Ownership

Date Recorded Grantor Grantee Book Page Notes
 Aug 4, 1933 Orinda Oaks Co  Nora Murphy  322 202  gains title to much of the subdivision lots 
Oct 10, 1954     2404 127  
Dec 9, 1954 Jack P Hodges
Adelaide F Hodges
Katherine Koepke
Elsa Spencer
2434 376  gets title to build house
MG and Leona Barrales  Ed Koepke 2434 331 gets title to build house
Oct 25, 1955 Catharine Marron Leslie F Jordan
Vonette W Jordan
2635 450 deed
Oct 27, 1955         E. Koepke files building permit
Mar 5, 1957         LF Jordan files permit to alter garage
Jun 12, 1959         LF Jordan files permit for garage/ workshop addition
Aug 4, 1960 Leslie F Jordan
Vonette W. Jordan
Dorwin W. Van Skike 3675 254 deed
Oct 19, 1965 Dorwin W. Van Skike Western Home Development Co 4975 449 deed - Family buys home in Moraga, sells house to developer
Dec 3, 1965 Western Home Development Co. Edward Tipper
Margery Tipper
5006 477 deed
Oct 23, 1968         Grading and slide repair. Storm drainage backed up in 1967 causing front slope to slide away from the house. Repaired in 1968 by Yeghoian's Excavating Co.
Nov 8, 1984         Edward Tipper hires Lawrence Adams to do pier work and build front retaining walls.
May 3, 1985         Edward Tipper files permit to repair fire damage. April 12, 1985 fire breaks out in furnace and water heater closet causing minor fire damage and extensive smoke and heat damage. Shell Construction hired to repair damage and do other improvements.
Nov 14, 1988 Edward and Margery Tipper Don and Nanette Fukushima