Parts List


Part Quantity Description Picture 
D1, D2 2 diode 1n4148
ZD1 1 zener diode 5v6
J1 1 Wire runs parallel to D1, between D1 and U1
R1, R9 2 resistor 1K
brown, black, red, gold
R2, R3, R8 3 resistor 10K
brown, black, orange, gold
R4 1 resistor 3K3
orange, orange, red, gold
R6 1 resistor 10 ohm
brown, black, black, gold
R7 1 resistor 4K7
yellow, violet, red, gold
C4, C5 2 cap 22p step 2,5mm
U1 1 PIC16F84A-20/P
U2 1 uln2003a
C1, C3 2 cap 100n step 5mm
Shunt1 1 2 pin shunt
WOL +5V 1 connects to WOL on motherboard
C2  1 Elco 100 25V
IR receiver 1 Vishay TSOP4838, 38 kHz..  Details here
D3, D4 2 IR emitters
Vishay Telefunken TSAL6200. Details here
DB9 female connector, nuts and bolts 1, 2 pair
jumper 1 goes on shunt1
X1 1 10 MHz crystal
3 wire cable 1 connects UIRT2 to WOL on motherboard  
serial cable  1 connects UIRT2 to PC serial port